Meet the Artist

Eliza Furmansky is a visual artist, theater improvisor,  martial artist, and educator living in Seattle, WA.

Her favorite artists include Bill Watterson, Georgia O'Keefe, Mary Oliver, Bruce Lee, Maria Montessori, Keith Johnstone, and Jackie Chan.  

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Keep in Touch:

Encantada: Delighted to meet you!

Encantada: Delighted to meet you!

"My process is a dance, a conversation, an exploration."

Artist Statement

I use an improvisational process, beginning paintings with a single gesture of line or color, and then asking, "Is there a story here? A poem? What is this about?"  It's a little like hunting for pictures in the clouds.  When I see something that intrigues me, I play a little more in that direction, and then step back again, observing, interpreting, imagining.

 Being an improvisational artist means there are no mistakes, just whatever there is now, and whatever can happen next.  When I commit to a project through all of the ugliness, doubts, and messy middles,  I discover whole new worlds, ideas, and ways of making art.